Benefits of Eating On a Low Carb Diet + FREE Foods List


Benefits of Eating On a Low Carb Diet + FREE Foods List

The kind of food we consume goes a long way in determining our general health and wellness not just body shape or cholesterol this time.
As you may already know there are quite a few popular dieting systems–techniques out there that works in different ways but still focused on one aim, Quality health and fitness.
A few of the most popular diets out there include: The Paleo Diet, The Vegan/Gluten Free Diet, The Mediterranean diet ,The Low-carb diet which we’re looking at today and others.
Before 2017, one way or the other… You must’ve heard of the Low carb diet system of eating which is mostly in form of or are sometimes “Ketogenic”.
Ketogenic meaning the diet frowns on taking in of carbohydrate to an extent to attain a term called Ketosis. The low carb diet is fully known as the low-carbohydrate form of eating which as stated above restricts eating carbohydrates…
In this diet foods like Pasta, bread are replaced in other foods that are low in carbohydates, have higher fats and a sufficient amount of protein.
In today’s post we’re discussing the benefits of this particular diet and giving you a FREE printable low carb diet foods list. Are you ready?
Here are the benefits…

1. Prevent (Manage) Diabetes

Following research results, London Metropolitan University suggests that Following a reduced carbohydrate diet can help to lower blood glucose levels, providing a safe and effective strategy for managing diabetes (Source).
The low-carb diet method of eating is an effective measure to prevent or manage diabetes since it shuns consuming the key factors of the disease.
Consumption of sugar and other processed sweetened food that increases the glucose levels in the blood. recently published an article on further evidence that a low-carb diet is effective in diabetes management, Give it a read to further widen your knowledge on how this diet helps people with diabetes.

2. Treat Obesity

This simply means to lose weight or prevent obesity.
This is one of the most rewarding benefits of eating on the low carb diet — Prevent excessive weight gain, helps you lose weight and prevent obesity. Come to think about it, This diet prevents you from eating much calories and limits what you consume to healthier options.
Being on this diet plan is a healthy advantage for folks in that find themselves trying to lose weight.

3. Prevent, Reduce Disease Risks

This diet also helps prevent serious health problems like cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and so on. Apart from preventing, if you already have any of these…
Getting in on the low carb diet may help improve your condition (Source).
According to MayoClinic, Low-carb diets may also improve HDL cholesterol and triglyceride values slightly more than do moderate-carb diets do.
There are still other benefits of eating on a low carb diet but those three solid reasons above should do for now,

This free printable foods BELOW are categorically arranged foods people on a low carb diet can consume

Benefits of Eating On a Low Carb Diet + FREE Foods List

Please zoom your screen a bit to see the food items list on the above picture


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